Pears Dipped  in Chocolate

Pears Dipped in Chocolate

Pears Dipped  in Chocolate

Preparation time: 40 minutes
Serves: about 20 small pears






Wash and dry the pears. With a sharp knife, align the bottom side of the pairs in order to be able to arrange them in upright position.



Melt the chocolate in a water bath:
 Turn heat to 2. Fill a pot halfway with water and put it on the stove. Put in it another deep pan with chopped chocolate. Gently  stir until chocolate is completely melted - stirring spoon should be dry and be careful not to get water into the chocolate mixture while stirring.

Also, it is very important to watch the water – don’t let it boil.  If it is needed, turn down the heat.

Cover with parchment paper a wide shallow dish. Dip the pears, one by one, in the melted chocolate and carefully arrange in the dish.


When you are done, put the pears in the refrigerator.

When chocolate is completely hardened, transfer the pears in tightly closed container. Thus, they can be kept  up to one week in refrigerator.






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